QuicklyTranslate Refund & Guarantee Policy

USCIS Guarantee

A full refund will be provided for the documents translated by QuicklyTranslate if they do not meet USCIS standards and are not accepted by them. Full refund equal to the amount of original transaction will be provided to you within 90 days of purchase. After 90 days, a credit will be applied to your account in the amount of original transaction.

Acceptance Policy

QuicklyTranslate provides certified translations to our customers. QuicklyTranslate is not liable for determining whether any organizations, groups, courts or government agencies will accept documents translated by us. QuicklyTranslate does not provide refunds for translations not accepted by any organizations, groups, courts or government agencies (except USCIS as per our USCIS Guarantee).

Refund Policy

QuicklyTranslate will only provide refunds for a cancelled order if the document is not sent to a translator and the status for your order is "Received". QuicklyTranslate will not provide refunds to any documents sent to a translator for translation and the order of your status is "In Progress" or "In Review" or “Complete”. Click here to view your order status.

Revision Policy

A revision or revisions for a document translated by QuicklyTranslate can be ordered within 30 days of order completion. It will be discretion of QuicklyTranslate translators to decide if they need to modify the content to complete the revision or should just correct an error in translation. It is the policy of the company to not revise original content. Revisions are free for our customers.

Notarization Policy

All notarized orders are notarized in Indiana, USA.